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Site Intro & Overview

This site was originally developed for the Lewes Con Club by volunteers during the summer of 2011 and continues to be enhanced on an ongoing basis. To support the Club's requirements, in addition to the CMS framework provided by Joomla!, several significant add-ons are being used (see below). Many thanks to the developers of these great pieces of Open Source software. In addition, some of the images contained within the site are provided courtesy of the and online libraries of royalty-free, public-domain clip art - many thanks to those organisations.

Akeeba3.0.b2Nicholas K.
eXtplorer2.1.0b5soeren, QuiX
JCredits2.0 BETADigital
JEvents1.5.4a (b1785)GWE Systems
Ninja RSS Syndicator1.1.9NinjaForge
PhocaDownload1.3.7Jan Pavelka (
SEF Service Map2.0.11Radoslaw
VirtueMart1.1.4The VirtueMart Development
AiDaNews1.1.1Danilo A.
Custom Content1.5.0Ian MacLennan
RSform! Frontend
Ninja RSS Syndicator1.0.7Ninja
Renat running text1.5Roman Náhlovský
AcyMailing : (auto)Subscribe during Joomla
AcyMailing : Statistics
AcyMailing onPrepareContent
AcyMailing Tag : content
AcyMailing Tag : Date /
AcyMailing Tag : Joomla User
AcyMailing Tag : Manage the
AcyMailing Tag : online
AcyMailing Tag : Subscriber
AcyMailing Template Class
AllVideos (by JoomlaWorks)
Content - Back button1.1Martijn Vreeken and Wojciech
Content - Blogping1.0Daniel
Content -
Content -
Content - RokBox1.6RocketTheme,
Content - Simple Product Snapshot1.4.9Bruno Pourtier
Content- PDF-Embed1.5.0Tekdi Web
Editor - JCK1.1.5Nick Miles - Database Developments Ltd
Add Custom HTML (button 2)1.5.0Andreas Loukakis (alou)
Editor Button -
Add Custom HTML button (1st)1.5.0Andreas Loukakis (alou)
Editor Button -
Edocs - Embed
Google Maps2.20Mike
Ninja RSS Strip Plugin Tags Plugin1.0Daniel
Phoca Download Plugin1.3.5Jan Pavelka (
Search -
Search - JEvents1.5.4JEvents Project
Search - Phoca
SEF SM Contacts Integrator for Joomla 1.5.x2.0Radoslaw
SEF SM Contents Integrator for Joomla 1.5.x2.0Radoslaw
SEF SM Newsfeeds Integrator for Joomla 1.5.x2.0Radoslaw
SEF SM Phoca Download Integrator for Joomla
SEF SM VirtueMart 1.1.2 Integrator for Joomla 1.5.x2.0 for VirtueMart 1.1.2Radoslaw
SEF SM Weblinks Integrator for Joomla 1.5.x2.0Radoslaw
System - bruteforceblocker1.0John
System -
System - Modalizer1.2.3NoNumber! (Peter van Westen)
System - Registration Validator1.3.0David
System - RokBox2.4RocketTheme,
System - SEF SM PingBack Plugin2.0Radoslaw
System - TemplateSelector1.0.1Joomler!
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