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Death Or Glory Promotions Present Subhumans + The Blunders




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Friday 8th January 2021 - Comedy NIght https://www.lewesconclub.com/whats-on/497-friday-8th-january-2021-comedy-night.html https://www.lewesconclub.com/whats-on/497-friday-8th-january-2021-comedy-night.html More to follow

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Saturday 30th January 2021 - Ska & Reggae Fest - Terry Hall / Don Letts / Samsara Collective / FreeDub Press https://www.lewesconclub.com/whats-on/485-saturday-22nd-august-2020-ska-reggae-fest-with-the-skatalites-samsara-freedub-press.html https://www.lewesconclub.com/whats-on/485-saturday-22nd-august-2020-ska-reggae-fest-with-the-skatalites-samsara-freedub-press.html SkaReggae2021

Global Beats presents: Ska & Reggae Fest - Terry Hall // Don Letts // Samsara Collective // FreeDub Press, Caribbean food by IRMA’S KITCHEN

TERRY HALL was the lead singer of The Specials, the Fun Boy Three, The Colourfield, Terry, Blair and Anouchka and Vegas. He released his first solo album, Home, in 1995. He has also worked with The Lightning Seeds, Stephen Duffy, Dub Pistols, Gorillaz and Tricky.

DON LETTS came to notoriety in the late 70's as the DJ that single handedly turned a whole generation of punks onto reggae. It was whilst as a d.j at the first punk club 'The Roxy' in 1977, that Don adopted the punk D.I.Y ethic and begun to make his first film 'The Punk Rock Movie'. Shot on Super-8mm it is the only documentary on the U.K punk scene w/ Sex Pistols-The Clash and many others. This led to a period directing over 300 music videos for an eclectic mix of diverse artists ranging from Public Image to Bob Marley. He then moved into documentary work covering the likes of Gil Scot-Heron, The Jam, Sun Ra, George Clinton and most recently Paul McCartney.

SAMSARA COLLECTIVE As “one of the South’s most exciting reggae acts”, Brighton-based Samsara Collective create an open minded and fresh take on the roots tradition. The result is a fresh and hook-laden take on the style, morphing the reggae sound into something wholly new and exciting, and has been described as “a startlingly new angle on the Jamaican sound”.

THE FREEDUB PRESS Hailing from Brighton are The FreeDub Press. A six-piece outfit that create fuse dub, reggae, ska and hip-hop with punk inspired lyricism that doesn’t sit on the fence. Chris William’s soaring lead vocal creates a wave of melody that bounces off the contrast of Dean Ormsby’s gritty rhymes that explore serious issues and connect with audiences of all backgrounds. The lead vocal duo are backed by solid, pumping beats, groove heavy bass lines, bubbling keys and melodic sax which all blend together to create a truly unique sound.


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Thursday 4th February 2021 - Comedy Night https://www.lewesconclub.com/whats-on/498-thursday-4th-february-2021-comedy-night.html https://www.lewesconclub.com/whats-on/498-thursday-4th-february-2021-comedy-night.html More to follow

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Saturday 13th February 2021 - Bob Marley Birthday Celebration https://www.lewesconclub.com/whats-on/491-saturday-13th-february-2021-bob-marley-birthday-celebration.html https://www.lewesconclub.com/whats-on/491-saturday-13th-february-2021-bob-marley-birthday-celebration.html


Global Beats Presents: A Celebration of Bob Marley's Birthday

Featuring The Marley Experience (Live), Easy Skankin DJs

Doors 7.30pm - 12am

The Ultimate Bob Marley Tribute Live & Direct from the Heart of the UK. Giving you all the Hits Classics & Sing along's Like One Love, Three Little Birds, No Woman no Cry, Iron Lion Zion, I shot the sheriff, Get up Stand up and many many more.......

Stay tuned for this amazing group that pays tribute to the originator & undisputed King of Reggae Music; The Right Honorable Mr Robert Nesta Marley (Berhane Selassie) better known as...BOB MARLEY!!!!!!



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Saturday 20th February 2021 - The Mountain Firework Company https://www.lewesconclub.com/whats-on/499-saturday-20th-february-2021-the-mountain-firework-company.html https://www.lewesconclub.com/whats-on/499-saturday-20th-february-2021-the-mountain-firework-company.html The Mountain Firework Company is an acoustic 5 piece based in Brighton,. They came together over heartache and wine to create what has been described as "gorgeous folk/alt country pop, with equal parts darkness and cheeky humour " and "alternative bluegrass with a dark treacle folk centre".
Simultaneously mournful and upbeat, The Mountain Firework Company’s driving and melodic sound comes from an all acoustic string band line up of guitars, fiddle, banjo, mandolin, double bass and drums. Taking the traditional bluegrass line-up in new directions, they incorporate country, folk, bluegrass and Americana within their sound.

More to follow

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Saturday 27th February 2021 - Huey Morgan (Fun Lovin Criminals) https://www.lewesconclub.com/whats-on/489-saturday-27th-february-2021-huey-morgan.html https://www.lewesconclub.com/whats-on/489-saturday-27th-february-2021-huey-morgan.html Huey2021

Global Beats presents: Huey Morgan (Fun Lovin Criminals) DJ Set

Huey Morgan, the much loved, charismatic front man of acclaimed rock and hip hop group Fun Lovin’ Criminals will be performing a very special DJ set at Lewes Con Club in February. The New Yorker has a whole lifetime’s worth of experience to draw upon when he is laying down one of his compelling DJ selections. He does so all over the world, at big parties, more intimate get togethers and acclaimed clubs and festivals in equal measure.

Huey, who was born in New York in 1968, is obviously a skilled guitarist, but also has a passion for many other types of music. Being half-Puerto Rican and half-Irish, he has a varied musical background that finds him just as able to reach for loose funk, soul, reggae, cool jazz and hip hop as indie rock, and indeed anything else. This rock renaissance talent has a wealth of knowledge about the music he plays.


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Thursday 4th March 2021 - Comedy Night https://www.lewesconclub.com/whats-on/500-thursday-4th-march-2021-comedy-night.html https://www.lewesconclub.com/whats-on/500-thursday-4th-march-2021-comedy-night.html More to follow

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Friday 5th March 2021 - Jake Morrell https://www.lewesconclub.com/whats-on/481-thursday-24th-september-2020-jake-morrell.html https://www.lewesconclub.com/whats-on/481-thursday-24th-september-2020-jake-morrell.html JakeMorrell2021

Modern Age Music is pleased to present: Jake Morrell   

Jake Morrell could have come straight out of Nashville, or even from the Californian sunshine, as his music suggests; but Jake is from Norfolk, England!

Jake was ‘discovered’ by Dermot O’Leary, who featured him on his Radio 2 Show. One influential listener just so happened to be Glastonbury boss Emily Eavis, who immediately asked Jake to perform at the iconic festival.

Jake recorded his debut single with London based producer Brett Shaw (Florence & The Machine, The Kooks & Dry the River). The song entitled "Wire and Thorns" reached No.2 in the iTunes country charts on the first day of release.
 This led to Jake being invited to perform at this year’s Country 2 Country festival, where he premiered his first major single, the appropriately titled ‘Englishman (Trying to Write a Country Song)’ – written with the Grammy-winning writer/producer Kipper. 

The reaction to the song put Jake firmly in line as one of the country’s favourite new male artists in the genre.This lead to a string of both solo and band shows and festivals throughout the summer with Jake showing himself to be as irresistible as a solo act as he is with his band.

The most exciting new development, however, is the new music that Jake has now recorded to launch the next phase of his career. This is led by a joyous forthcoming single, ‘Home’, written and produced with Rolling Stones keyboardist, Matt Clifford. With an evocative mix of Mumford & Sons, Eagles and even Springsteen, ‘Home’ is the definitive track that firmly stamps Jake Morrell’s name across the UK country music scene. With a gig history that reads like a road atlas, Jake and the band have truly honed their craft and always leave you feeling joyous and wanting more!

7:30pm Tickets


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Saturday 6th March 2021 - Philippa Hanna https://www.lewesconclub.com/whats-on/475-friday-4th-september-2020-philippa-hanna.html https://www.lewesconclub.com/whats-on/475-friday-4th-september-2020-philippa-hanna.html PhilippaH2021banner

PHILIPPA HANNA is an internationally acclaimed performer racking up over 1500 shows in 25 countries. Since her industry debut in 2007, she has released 5 critically acclaimed, studio albums winning fans in the likes of Leona Lewis and Lionel Richie. The Yorkshire born, half-Irish, Singer-Songwriter is a rarity in the UK Music Industry, bridging the elusive gap between Gospel, Pop and Country music.

Known for her relatable songs and soulful, Country-tinged vocals, Philippa has drawn comparisons to the likes of Ed Sheeran, Dolly-Parton and Taylor Swift. 'Move over Taylor Swift' [Maverick Magazine].

Her online videos have racked up millions of hits, with her Gospel version of Ed Sheeran's 'Perfect' tipping almost a million Facebook shares. As well as annual headline tours in the UK, Philippa has performed at the prestigous London Palladium an impressive 6 times, the 02 Arena and a sold-out Royal Albert Hall in May 2019 as special guest for Royal wedding singers 'The Kingdom Choir'.

Tickets modern-age-music

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Saturday 20th March 2021 - Daddy G (Massive Attack) & Andy Smith (Portishead) DJ Set https://www.lewesconclub.com/whats-on/496-saturday-20th-march-2021-daddy-g-massive-attack-andy-smith-portishead-dj-set.html https://www.lewesconclub.com/whats-on/496-saturday-20th-march-2021-daddy-g-massive-attack-andy-smith-portishead-dj-set.html DaddyG2021

Global Beats Presents: Daddy G (Massive Attack) DJ Set, Andy Smith (Portishead) DJ Set

You may consider Grant Marshall, a.k.a. Daddy G as spiritus rector of what has historically become known as the “Bristol Sound“. It´s that laid back sound that breathes dub, reggae, funk, disco and hip hop, represented by protagonists like Massive Attack, Smith & Mighty, Tricky and Portishead. A sound that left its global traces for more than one and a half decades. And Daddy G is its spiritus rector because he was one of the founders of the Wild Bunch Sound System, out of which later Massive Attack emerged. Besides Mushroom and 3-D, Daddy G was both one of the core members of the group as well as one of the group´s main voices.
Way before being part of a band though, Daddy G was known as a DJ. As a ten year old he already recorded mix tapes, inspired by the DJ boyfriend of his older sister. 1980 he was one of the youngest Bristol DJs, quickly establishing his name as a synonym for an eclectic music style. At the parties at which G played, one could always hear the newest in disco, fresh punk funk from NY, the first rap imports as well as soul and dub reggae. When the Wild Bunch Sound System was founded, Daddy G already was a local celebrity. His DJ sets were not only legendary because of their selection and his mixing skills, but because he rocked the microphone as versatile as the wheels of steel.

Andy Smith was the first DJ to release a multi-genre mix album on a major label. When his mix-CD The Document hit the streets back in 1998, it became the soundtrack for a generation who had heard Coldcut's Journeys By DJs but needed to hear more - The Document filled the void.
This appreciation of different genres made Smith the ideal person to provide sample material for Portishead on their first two albums. He went on to make his name as the band's international tour DJ – reflecting their respect for both the art of digging for breaks and hip-hop scratch DJ-ing. Hip-hop elements formed the basis of the unique Portishead sound.

Doors 8pm - 12am 



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Friday 26th March 2021 - Live Dead '69 https://www.lewesconclub.com/whats-on/501-friday-26th-march-2021-live-dead-69.html https://www.lewesconclub.com/whats-on/501-friday-26th-march-2021-live-dead-69.html Dictionary Pudding Present: LIVE DEAD '69 performing the Grateful Dead "Europe 72" album & more.

Live Dead '69 are: Tom Constanten (original Grateful Dead pianist), Tom has been inducted into The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame in 1995 and was essential to Grateful Dead’s first 2 experimental studio recordings “Anthem of The Sun” and “Aoxomoxoa.”

Mark Karan (lead guitarist with Bob Weir’s Rat Dog and The Other Ones), Mark is also a regular member in the rotating line-up of Phil Lesh & the Terrapin Family band.

Slick Aguilar (lead guitar with David Crosby Band 1982-1985) He co-founded KBC, and played lead guitar in Paul Kantner’s Jefferson Starship for 2,000 shows over 30 years, longer than any other musician.

Richard Newman (acclaimed drummer with Paul Rodgers & Jefferson Starship). Richard has just recorded Robert Plant’s new single. He also tours with Paul Rodger and played extensively in Jefferson Starship. He was one of Paul Kantner’s all time favorite drummers.

Tony Morley (Jefferson Starship). Tony is a multi-instrumentalist who has been a long time member of Jefferson Starship, having appeared with them for throughout the world for 13 years.

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Saturday 27th March 2021 - Adrian Sherwood https://www.lewesconclub.com/whats-on/482-saturday-15th-august-2020-adrian-sherwood.html https://www.lewesconclub.com/whats-on/482-saturday-15th-august-2020-adrian-sherwood.html AdrianS2021

Global Beats presents: Adrian Sherwood (On U Sound) Plus support

ADRIAN SHERWOOD (born 1958 in London) is an English record producer best known for his work with dub music as well as for remixing a number of popular acts such as Coldcut, Depeche Mode, The Woodentops, Primal Scream, Pop Will Eat Itself, Sinéad O’Connor, and Skinny Puppy.

He is co-founder of Carib Gems and Pressure Sounds, and founder of Hitrun Records as well as Green Tea Records and Soundboy Records. His most well-known label is On-U Sound. During the early 80’s he brought together many Jamaican artists under the collective name of Singers & Players including Prince Far I, Mikey Dread, Bim Sherman and many others, this helped promote the individual artists at the same time as promoting the On-U Sound label.

In 1986 he began working Jamaican dub producer and singer Lee Perry. They produced the classic album ‘Time Boom X De Devil Dead’ and Sherwood’s support helped relaunch Perry’s career.
He made contributions to the Industrial music genre in his remix of Einstürzende Neubauten’s song ‘Yü Gung’, on the album ‘Halber Mensch’, as well as his production work with Ministry, Cabaret Voltaire, KMFDM, Terminal Power Company and Nine Inch Nails. In 2006 he released his second album ‘Becoming A Cliché’ that again featured numerous artists such as Lee “Scratch” Perry, the late Bim Sherman, Dennis Bovell, Little Roy, Leigh ‘LSK’ Kenny, Samia Farah, Raiz and Mark Stewart. A limited 2-disc version was released simultaneously with the second disc titled ‘Dub Cliché’.

On beginning a solo career, Sherwood stated, “I wanted to do some of my own writing and make something that was challenging for me… As a producer, it’s my job to satisfy the artist foremost. I wanted to make something that was a little more aggressive and modern. I wanted to paint a picture that was contemporary, one that specifically showed where my brain was at. I’ve got to the point in my life where it’s time for me to call all of the shots.”

7:30pm to 12am - Tickets £15 www.tickettailor.com/events/globalbeats/

Lewes Con Club member tickets £11 available only from the bar, 1 per member no booking fee

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Saturday 3rd April 2021 - Macka B & The Roots Ragga Band https://www.lewesconclub.com/whats-on/486-sunday-11th-october-2020-macka-b-the-roots-ragga-band.html https://www.lewesconclub.com/whats-on/486-sunday-11th-october-2020-macka-b-the-roots-ragga-band.html MackaB2021

Rescheduled from 23rd May and 11th October 2020

City Food Share presents: Macka B & The Roots Ragga Band + Ruddock’s Om + Easy Skankin’ DJs

Christopher MacFarlane, better known as Macka B, is a British-born Jamaican reggae artist, performer and activist with a career spanning thirty years in the United Kingdom and Jamaica. According to AllMusic.com 'Macka B was one of Britain's most influential dancehall toasters.' As a practicing Rastaman, Macka B's music is based around the political and spiritual message of the religion, with an often light and humorous touch. Working with the Mad Professor, he combined dancehall and dub styles of reggae, although has avoided a more commercial crossover approach. Macka B's first album, Sign of the Times, was released in 1986 on Mad Professor's Ariwa label. The album was well received and reached the top of the UK reggae album charts.
His next few albums were similarly acclaimed: We've Had Enough (1987), Looks Are Deceiving (1988).
Buppie Culture in 1989 produced the hit 'Dread a Who She Love', a duet with female singer Kofi. Likewise, 'Proud of Mandela' from Natural Suntan (1990) produced another reggae singles chart topper.

He has toured and performed around the world since the 1980s alone and with other reggae stars such as Burning Spear, U-Roy, The Wailers, Lee Perry and many others.
Macka B follows the Rastafari ital diet, and is also a vegan. In 2012 he became a patron of The Vegan Society.

Ruddock's Om are an up and coming, 9-piece, Dub Fusion collective who have come together to explore new and exciting means of expression through their music. Taking their name from, and paying homage to, the person widely regarded as the father of Dub, Osbourne “King Tubby” Ruddock. Founded in early 2018 the band have been developing and refining their original material which crosses the boundaries of genres to create a musical journey, unique to each listener, rich in heavy bassline rhythms, and soaring melodies.

Easy Skankin' are a collective of some of the best Reggae DJs in Brighton. All have impressive backgrounds, which when bought together promises to uplift your soul as you skank to the sounds of Ska, Rocksteady, Roots, Rubadub and Dancehall.

City Food Share is a community based charity fundraising platform supporting food banks and homeless shelters in Brighton and Hove. We help provide hot meals, living essentials and food shopping for vulnerable people and families. We are currently fundraising for 9 food banks and homeless shelters and every penny raised at this event will be used directly to support those in need.

Tickets from £18 + b/f from www.skiddle.com

Doors 7pm - 12am, Vegan Food on sale. Profits from the event will go towards the City Food Share Charity.

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Saturday 10th April 2021 - Bootleg Blondie https://www.lewesconclub.com/whats-on/490-saturday-10th-april-2021-bootleg-blondie.html https://www.lewesconclub.com/whats-on/490-saturday-10th-april-2021-bootleg-blondie.html BLBlondie2021

Global Beats presents The Official Blondie Tribute Band - Bootleg Blondie

BOOTLEG BLONDIE are the world’s No.1 official Debbie Harry and Blondie tribute band,established in 2001 and have played the infamous CBGB club in New York City, the Isle of Wight Festival, the Shepherds Bush Empire, London’s 100 Club and the legendary Hammersmith Palais and appear regularly at many top venues and festivals in the UK, Europe and around the world. Lead singer Debbie Harris (as seen on BBC1) says her pride and joy is her guitar that she plays during her shows, signed by all the Blondie band members.

Bootleg Blondie are honoured to have been thanked on the legit Blondie’s latest album ‘Pollinator’ and to celebrate 40 years since the release of Blondie’s iconic 1978 album ‘Parallel Lines’ Clem Burke, Blondie’s renowned and celebrated drummer, joined Bootleg Blondie on drums for not one but two UK tours in 2019 covering nearly 5,000 miles and playing to over 7,000 people!

Doors 8pm - 11pm



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Saturday 17th April 2021 - The Monochrome Set https://www.lewesconclub.com/whats-on/492-saturday-17th-april-2021-the-monochrome-set.html https://www.lewesconclub.com/whats-on/492-saturday-17th-april-2021-the-monochrome-set.html Dictionary Pudding - Live music promotions present -

The Monochrome Set consist of, original Monochrome Set members, Bid (Guitar/Vocals) and Andy Warren (bass) with John Paul Moran (keyboards) and Mike Urban, who was previously in the band in the early 90s, on drums, The Monochrome Set formed in 1978, and were heavily influential in the ‘post-punk’ scene that evolved after the initial scorched earth of punk.
The band’s early releases were on the legendary Rough Trade Label before signing with Virgin offshoot Din Disc. They also released several albums on the Cherry Red label, making a notable appearance on that labels’ well known ‘Pillows and Prayers’ compilation.Though The Monochrome Set split in 1985 the next decade saw several reunions for both live gigs and further studio recordings, their album release count now being well into double figures.

Tickets - £14 + b/f  www.seetickets.com


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Saturday 24th April 2021 - Dub Pistols Sound System https://www.lewesconclub.com/whats-on/495-saturday-24th-april-2021-dub-pistols-sound-system.html https://www.lewesconclub.com/whats-on/495-saturday-24th-april-2021-dub-pistols-sound-system.html DubPistols2021

Global Beats presents: Dub Pistols Sound System (DJ & MC set) Easy Skankin Sound System

The Dub Pistols formed about a decade ago when Barry Ashworth got together with Jason O’Bryan in west London. Jason had been half of Wall Of Sound act Ceasefire with Derek Dahlarge, while Barry was in ‘indie-dance’ band Déjà Vu who had a hit with the old Woodentops song ‘Why Why Why’ back in the day. Finding they shared a love of The Clash, The Specials, Andy Weatherall, King Tubby and Public Enemy the band launched with a string of party-rockin’ singles like ‘Cyclone’, ‘Westway’ and ‘There’s Gonna Be A Riot’ and landed a million dollar record deal with major label Geffen. “It was the start of a beautiful nightmare,” says Barry.

Chewing up hip-hop, dub, techno, ska and punk and spitting them out in a renegade futuristic skank, the Dubs began playing full live band shows and were soon on giant US tours. In the UK they got lumped under the big beat tag alongside the Chemical Brothers and Fatboy Slim – maintaining a rock & roll attitude to their block-rockin’ beats.

Their debut ‘Point Blank’ album led to remix work for Moby, Limp Bizkit, Crystal Method and Ian Brown, and they did a track for the Blade 2 soundtrack with Busta Rhymes. Touring extensively, the band effectively swerved around the ‘big beat backlash’ in the UK and as the Millennium passed they had their second album – ‘Six Million Ways To Live’ – ready to go. A more politicised affair, the problem was that parts of the album were scarily prophetic.

In recent years the Dub Pistols name has continued to circumnavigate the globe, thanks to a number of high-profile gigs with the full band, and various ‘Soundsystem’ dates – DJ + scratch DJ + MC – or Barry DJing solo. The band compiled a ‘Y4K’ beats and breaks album, and the pieces of the jigsaw fell into place for ‘Speakers and Tweeters’.

Doors 8pm - 12am     www.tickettailor.com/events/globalbeats/383024/

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Saturday 1st May 2021 - The Nightingales https://www.lewesconclub.com/whats-on/502-saturday-1st-may-2021-the-nightingales.html https://www.lewesconclub.com/whats-on/502-saturday-1st-may-2021-the-nightingales.html Nightingales2021

Spinningchilli Present: Nightingales Four Against Fate UK Tour 

Brum's original punk group The Prefects became The Nightingales and enjoyed cult status in the 80s, recording 8 sessions for John Peel's radio show. Re-grouped in 2004, they've released several albums and toured all over the UK & Europe. Current line-up includes Robert Lloyd, (The Prefects), Andreas Schmid from Faust, James Smith and brilliant drummer Fliss Kitson.

2020 is *the* year for The Nightingales. Fire Films unleash a documentary feature film written by Stewart Lee, directed by Michael Cumming. They've just recorded their best album yet at Faust Studio in Germany AND they're hitting the road.

Support from Pete Astor and Kamura Obscura.

Singer/songwriter Pete Astor from the Loft and The Weather Prophets joins this tour. New album “You Made Me” to be released in March 2020.

Kamura Obscura- Japanese agit-femme chanteuse & electricist, formerly from Frank Chickens & Mizutama Shobodan. Latest album “Socrates’ Garden” available on Divine Records.

Doors 7:30pm  www.wegottickets.com/event/488074

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Saturday 15th May 2021 - Special Kinda Madness https://www.lewesconclub.com/whats-on/493-saturday-15th-may-2021-special-kinda-madness.html https://www.lewesconclub.com/whats-on/493-saturday-15th-may-2021-special-kinda-madness.html SpecialsMadness201005

Global Beats presents: Special Kinda Madness

Saturday 15th May 2021- Doors: 8pm - 12pm

Special Kinda Madness perform a truly authentic set from each band, combining the phenomenally energetic stage presence of The Specials with the wonderful iconic tunes of the Madness ‘Nutty Boys’. Playing a set from each band and producing a show that will have the audience up and dancing from the off, Special Kinda Madness will have everyone hankering after that exciting era of 2-Tone and ska.

On 21st July 1979 at the Electric Ballroom in London, the Specials played a gig with Madness, Dexy’s Midnight Runners and Selecter. That’s a gig that all 2-Tone rude boys and rude girls would die to see, and thought would never happen. The Specials and Madness on the same bill! In truth, it will probably never happen now … but you can get the next best thing with Special Kinda Madness!

"This has to go down as one of the best nights out I’ve had! Thanks guys.. you’re brilliant!!" – Samantha Hill

"Saw this band for the first time in St.Albans on Saturday. I’ve been to many concerts/tribute tours in my time and this was by far and away the best concert ever. Absolutely brilliant!" – Brett Miller



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Saturday 5th June 2021 - Fleetwood Bac https://www.lewesconclub.com/whats-on/494-saturday-5th-june-2021-fleetwood-bac.html https://www.lewesconclub.com/whats-on/494-saturday-5th-june-2021-fleetwood-bac.html FleetwoodBac2021

Global Beats Present: Fleetwood Bac ...rated by The Times newspaper as one of the UK's top 5 tribute acts touring alongside Bootleg Beatles, Counterfeit Stones, Bjorn Again and with rave reviews in 'The Stage', fantastic endorsements from many of the official Fleetwood Mac fanzines, and from the official Stevie Nicks website. They have had ecstatic audiences wherever they have played across the world.

"Keep up the good work, Much needed" MICK FLEETWOOD

"Painstaking Accuracy" THE TIMES


"They Sound Terrific. The Vocals are spot on, musicianship faultless. Two hours of heaven" THE OBSERVER


What's On Tue, 21 Jul 2020 13:58:05 +0000