The Curst Sons - Benefit Gig for Amnesty International


Sunday 17th October 2021    
7:30 pm - 10:30 pm

Benefit gig for Amnestry International with the Curst Sons + support.

7:30pm – Tickets £10, follow the link below or you can purchase from Lewes Con Club in advance/on the door.

Banjos Against Brutality – Call America back to the fight for human rights!  The Curst Sons will stomp on inhumanity with drums, banjos, fiddles, guitar, harmonica and a huge staff covered in bells.  They will lift their mighty call of traditional country music on of behalf of Lewes Amnesty International and it’s American Crisis Campaign – against the death penalty, separated immigrant families, police brutality and Guantanamo Bay.  Join this raucous fighting music to defend the innocent on a glass-strewn dance floor of righteousness!