Headmix + introducing Headmix Soundsystem


Friday 7th June 2024    
7:30 pm - 11:59 pm


Tickets   www.wegottickets.com/event/617185

Bar from 5:00pm. Doors 7:30pm to midnight

Revolutionary live dub diddly dance
Upbeat, and irresistably danceable – dub, reggae, dance meets folk
PLUS introducing Headmix Soundsystem, live remixes of Headmix tracks from the 90s to now
DJ Alboy Frolic until midnight

Headmix (formerly known as Head Mix Collective) were acclaimed as the best festival band, for years in the UK – their eclectic mix of instruments and their raw stage energy were amazing and they could be seen playing literally anywhere they could, up and down the UK – an inspiration. Since their inception almost five years ago they’ve gained a great reputation for their unique Dub Reggae meets Celtic Hoedown vibes. Headmix were originally formed by ex-members of Tofu Love Frogs, Doo The Moog and The Cheap Suit Oroonies. All these bands were synonymous with festivals and having a good time. This makes Headmix possibly the world’s first festi-diddldum supergroup. They are festi-skank complete with melodica, tin-whistle, didgedoo and accordian. Their music will have you dancing to deep dub style bass and melodica lines one minute, then jigging up and down to penny whistles and irish fiddle the next; but always with that groove-conscious rhythm-driven thang backing it up. They’ve always been a hard gigging band both indoors & outdoors at their much loved festival appearances. A process that’s seen them ascend from the natural starting point of the blaggers stages through the moderately organised café stages and culminating in last years ‘Oerol’ festival in Terschelling, The Netherlands, where the band played to an audience of over eight thousand. (Thanks to www.last.fm )