Ken Pustelnik's Groundhogs + Paradise 9


Friday 1st December 2023    
8:00 pm - 11:30 pm

The Real Music Club present: Ken Pustelnik’s Groundhogs and Paradise 9


Bar from 5:00pm. Doors 8:00pm. Starts 8:30pm. Standing. 18+.

KEN PUSTELNIK’S GROUNDHOGS. Way back in the halcyon days there came a trio of ‘superheroes’ known as THE GROUNDHOGS. Riding the blues boom into uncharted territory, they gained a reputation as one of the most dynamic live acts around and are influential and inspirational to this day. The classic line-up of Tony McPhee, Ken Pustelnik and Pete Cruickshank toured the world for 6 years straight, including seminal shows with greats like The Rolling Stones, John Lee Hooker, John Mayall and Canned Heat and at the legendary 1970 Isle of Wight Festival. In this time they produced 4 renowned albums: ‘BLUES OBITUARY’, ‘THANK CHRIST FOR THE BOMB’, ‘SPLIT’ and ‘WHO WILL SAVE THE WORLD?’

Now Ken brings you a new and exciting line-up – KEN PUSTELNIK’S GROUNDHOGS, playing classic material with verve and power and giving performances of energy and excitement that are as fresh and relevant to the modern audience as the originals were back in the day.


Ken Pustelnik. From what has now become known as “The Classic Line-Up” of The Hogs, playing the Drummer role from the first Groundhogs album release and on through all their most successful releases: “Scratching The Surface” (1968), “Blues Obituary” (1969), “Thank Christ For The Bomb” (1970), “Split” (1971) and “Who Will Save The World” (1972). Ken has chosen musicians who can do justice to the material in The Groundhogs catalogue.

Latch Manghat. Bass player in the British band Gonga, Guitarist/Vocalist in The Rollbars and now the Bassist for Groundhogs. His style is heavy, dynamic and hard-driving, a perfect foil to the drumming in the rhythm section.

Sol Latif. A highly original Guitarist, Sol has a style which naturally lends itself to interpreting the unorthodox guitar parts which are part of the bands unique sound. He is also the Bass player in The Rollbars.

Chris D’avoine. From the band Mean Blue Monsters, formerly of the band Shiva and lead guitar player with Steve Payne and more, Chris is the highly skilled Guitarist and Vocalist of Groundhogs, an important element in a band rated for their standard of song writing as well as their instrumental ability.

“As the set progresses from straight blues and into something a little more progressive…They have the audience in the palm of their hands” – MUSICOHM.COM

PARADISE 9. Paradise 9 are a four- piece rock band based in London and Brighton. Formed in 1997 by Gregg McKella, they released their first album “Showtime” in 1998.

In 2017 they celebrated their 20th anniversary, with an extended set at the Half Moon in Putney and came with the release of their live double 20th Anniversary 1997 ~ 2017 CD.

Their music brings a chilled yet punchy approach to the rock genre sound, taking inspiration from psychedelic bands like Hawkwind, Pink Fairies, Ozric Tenticles, Gong and Here & Now while fusing proto and post punk from the Ramones through to the Clash, while fusing with Wire and Psychedelic Furs.

To date they have 3 studio albums ‘Showtime’ (1998) and ‘Take Me to the Future’ (2013), a live CD ‘Live at the Amersham Arms 2014’, a DVD ‘Live at On-board the Craft 2013’ and last year’s 20th Anniversary 1997 ~ 2017 CD , and their new studio album “Science Fiction Reality”, was been released on Flicknife Records in 2021, and is already receiving some great reviews and radio airplay.

Having played many great festivals including Glastonbury Festival, A New Day Festival, Cambridge Rock Festival, Bearded Theory, Kozfest, Green Gathering, Cosmic Puffin, Small World to name a few.

Paradise 9 are now;

Gregg McKella on vocals, guitar, glissando guitar, clarinet and space FX’s (Glissando Guitar Orchestra/Judge Trev Band/Monty Oxymoron’s Band/ex-Dreamfield/ex-Image Wot Image?)

Tyrone Thomas on lead guitar and backing vocals (SpacedOgs/Jeanette Murphy Band/ ex-Image Wot Image?/ ex-Alternative TV)

Neil Matthars on bass (ex-Casual Affair)

Wayne Collyer (ex-Deep Skin/ex-Men Are Dead) on drums.

“Challenging, deft and understated space rock for 2021 and generations beyond.” – Guy Shankland – Vive Le Rock

” Tremendous space rock with an intelligent and optimistic zen-punk message” – It’s Psychedelic Baby! Magazine

” If Paradise 9 had been around back in the day, then surely their space-punk vibe would have made them great stablemates for the likes of Inner City Unit, Underground Zero, and yes, Hawkwind themselves, on the 1980s Flicknife roster. Fast forward to 2021, and how fantastic to see them join the resurgent Flicknife label now! Sharp indeed!” Ian Abrahams, RC

“This is an album from the underground which feels just like that, with a title which clearly states what this is all about. Honest and with integrity, this never pretends to be anything more than it is and is all the more enjoyable for that.” Kev Rowland – Prog Archives

“…this for me is music of rock origin, hints of just about anything else that they can fit in, all wrapped around a punk vocal style that spits out its anger at the state of the planet and the human apathy toward it.Of its time music, with a conscience.” Mark Cartwright – The Punk Site