Mirror System + Glissando Guitar Orchestra


Saturday 9th November 2024    
2:30 pm - 11:45 pm


Steve Hillage & Miquette Giraudy’s MIRROR SYSTEM + THE GLISSANDO GUITAR ORCHESTRA performing Daevid Allen’s 7 DRONES + bands

The GLISSANDO GUITAR ORCHESTRA are delighted to announce they will be re-assembling to perform Daevid Allen’s 7 Drones with Steve Hillage & Miquette Giraudy’s extra special MIRROR SYSTEM heading the night!

Tickets:    www.tickettailor.com/events/electricsaladco

This will be an all dayer with doors opening at 2.30pm and music starting from 3pm. We have the illuminatingly illustrious INNERSTRINGS providing lights and projections.

MIRROR SYSTEM (A-Wave Records) is the downtempo and chill out project of System 7’s Steve Hillage and Miquette Giraudy.

The distinctive Mirror System sound is based on deep rolling grooves and the subtle blend of rich dreamy electronica and guitar. Their successful debut album was released in 2005 and now their style also incorporates a soft minimal techhouse element.

Mirror System is ‘System 7’s chill-out and downtempo sister project’ made its live debut on the ID Spiral chill-out stage at the UK Sunrise Celebration festival in 2006, followed closely by a set also with ID Spiral at the Glade Festival of that year. In 2007, ID Spiral opened the InSpiral Lounge in Camden. London, and Mirror System played at the opening party on 16 December 2007. They became one of the resident artists at the InSpiral Lounge playing there two or three times a year,[16] including most of the inSpiral New Year’s Eve parties.[17] Mirror System live also became popular in Japan, and at European trance festivals where they have been booked as the chill-out stage closing act at Sonica (twice), Ozora (three times)[18] and Boom Festival, where in 2016 they followed their closing set with a full-length live rendition of Rainbow Dome Musick. With the Reflector DJ mix album (release in 2009) the Mirror System sound expanded to incorporate a soft techno dance groove element, and this element has been further developed in their most recent album, N-Port. This ability to seamlessly move from deep chill to danceable grooves that still retain the chill element, has been an important factor in the Mirror System live approach.


The GLISSANDO GUITAR ORCHESTRA & THE SEVEN DRONES  In the early 80’s Daevid Allen was studying in a Tibetan mystery school in NSW in his homeland of Australia.

He learnt of many techniques and practices in the fields of meditation and self awareness. It was at this time he started working musically with drones. Continuous pure notes. These being the major notes of the musical scale C through to B. He then realised these can have correspondences firstly to the chakras in the body also to the colour spectrum, planets etc. E.g C base chakra, connected to the Earth and the colour red. These then ascend up through the body till we reach the crown chakra, colour purple, note B. By just experiencing these sounds in a receptive state can have the effect of balancing and healing the individual not to mention the surrounding physical space, emotional and mental space.

In 2006 in Amsterdam at the Gong union weekend at the Melkweg there was the first physical manifestation of the Glissando Orchestra playing these seven drones. Daevid felt it was the most important performance of the weekend. . . . .maybe it was.

Original 7 drones glissando player and co-curator of the orchestra, Brian Abbot, will be joined with fellow curator Andy Bole, along with Kev Hegan and Mark Huxley of <<NUKLI>>,  Paul Woodbine of Deviant Amps,  Gregg McKella of Paradise 9, Jah Buddha aka Bob Hedger, with Keith Chennery of Deviant Amps conducting.


DARK ZEN KOLLECTIV are a Zen Experimental, Acid Drone, Motorik Kollectiv from the U.K and France. They are often found wandering forests and partaking in Shinrin-yoku and planning their next move.

Dark Zen Kollectiv are a Andy Bole,  Marek Bublik and Martin Harvey from Litmus, Mark Huxley from Nukli and Bob Hedger.

DEVIANT AMPS Veteran UK Psychedelic/Psych/Space Rock band DEVIANT AMPS were formed in 1983. They have been flying the freak flag ever since. Deviant Amps are Paul Woodwright on guitar and vocals, Justin Prescott on bass, and Keith Chennery on drums. They have just released their ninth studio album THE CASTLE IN THE SKY on DAMP Recordings last May.




Paradise 9 are a four- piece psychedelia,protopunk,,ambient,space-rock band based in London and the South-east. Formed in 1997 by Gregg McKella, they released their first album “Showtime” in 1998.

To date they have 3 studio albums, the latest ‘Science Fiction Reality’, released in April 2021 on Flicknife Records, and previously with ‘Showtime’ (1998) and ‘Take Me to the Future’ (2013), a live CD ‘Live at the Amersham Arms 2014’, a DVD ‘Live at On-board the Craft 2013’ and their 20th Anniversary 1997 ~ 2017 CD.

“Challenging, deft and understated space rock for 2021 and generations beyond.” – Guy Shankland – Vive Le Rock

“Tremendous space rock with an intelligent and optimistic zen-punk message” – It’s Psychedelic Baby! Magazine



Born from the Squats and Free Festivals of the 80’s, <<NUKLI>> (pronounced Nuke-Lie) have travelled from the experimental lo-fi cut-ups of the early PSi tapes, through psych-pop to a more jazzy, proggy sound. <<NUKLI>>  are Kev Hegan, guitar and vocals, Mark Huxley on bass and now, with new drummer Paul Maguire, the band are back with a harder edge and a new studio album under their belts.



Jah Buddha aka Bob Hedger, plays electronic music only using hardware in what is called “Dawless” i.e. not using a computer. The music varies from complete improvisation to compositions which always contain an element of improvisation but based on predetermined sections. It goes from ambient to Berlin School to Trance, always psychedelic and always changing.



Born on the harsh Lancashire moorland, His musical odyssey began with the resonant echoes of Greek melodies. The scent of olive groves and the azure Aegean beckoned. Andy embarked on a pilgrimage to Greece, seeking the wisdom of Bouzouki masters. In dimly lit Kafeneio, calloused fingers taught him the secrets. But Andy’s musical explorations go beyond boundaries. His spontaneous compositions blend rich sonorities, glissandos, and intricate melodies, creating a unique sonic experience.