The Lost Page – Treatise


Thursday 28th March 2024    
7:00 pm - 11:00 pm

Bar: From 5.30pm

Doors: 7pm

Start: 8pm

Tickets £5:

Back from Japan, MIRANDA and THE REBEL KAMI will perform The Bunny Page. Three times. In one night.

In 1967, Cornelius Cardew finished the longest graphic score in existence — TREATISE. It has 193 pages. Except it used to have 194. The lost page, a.k.a. The Bunny Page was known to be in the possession of Geno (Foreman), and later of Eno (Brian). Last year, in Japan, it was found again. We brought it back — to be played for the first time in history.

Our promise: the origin of The Bunny Page and how it got lost. A soundtrack, to images that tell this story. A koto. A live rock band, and the opposite of a rock band (not at the same time). Tape, and electronics. Three variations of the page, at three different points in Time. Plus, the possible synchronisation of many obsolete machines that were barely designed to work in pairs. Because Avant Garde either is fun, or it ain’t nothing.

The concert will feature musicians playing obscure instruments (koto, sitar, tape machines…), projecting videos and drawings/animations, and working with multi-tracked loopers to put on what should be a weird, entertaining, psychedelic show that tells a story about 70’s avant-garde composers, Japanese gods, and bunnies.