Members Discount Scheme

Members Discount SchemeOur exciting new Members Discount Scheme started on the 1st December 2012. We are all familiar with Loyalty and Bank cards – now the Club is issuing a Membership Card that gives a discount when purchasing drinks at the Club. We all know that the introduction of visitors and guests has a vital role in providing potential new members, however the Members Discount Scheme means that all members receive the benefit of paying their membership fees in reduced prices at the bar. Membership discount schemes have proved popular in many Sports Clubs throughout the country, as well as our local Falmer Amex Football Stadium, and we anticipate that it will be popular with our members too.

Your Membership Discount Card will be available for collection from the Club on the first of December onwards, please be prepared to provide some ID and sign for your card to confirm you have received it. Your unique personalised card will be activated at the till and you will be able to use it immediately to purchase drinks at members’ discounted prices. The Club is committed to keeping members’ prices down to the current low levels for as long as possible, whilst non members will pay higher prices, comparable to a mid-range commercial pub rate in Lewes. You can use your Card to pay for drinks for your guests, but the general rule for non-members is: ‘If you want the discount – please join the Club’. Your Card will cease to function on the expiry date of June 24th unless you renew your membership - so Keep Your Card - and come to the Club to re-activate it at the till for another membership year.

  • Collect and sign for your unique personal Members Discount Card.
  • Show the Card first to bar staff to receive your discount.
  • Renew your membership every year and keep your original unique Card and Membership Number.
  • Report a lost card immediately so it can be cancelled. The Club reserves the right to make a small charge for supplying replacement Cards.

A dual pricing system with smartcard technology gives the Club new and exciting opportunities to give good value to existing members and to promote the Club to attract new ones. These include a Loyalty points and Rewards scheme or Happy Hours, the facility to load a card with credit, and a flexible door-entry policy for guests. We very much hope you will continue to support the Club in this new stage of its development and recommend it to your friends and family for regular visits and one-off parties and celebrations. Current concessionary rates for Comedy Club evenings still apply. 

Q. How do I get my Card?
A. You will need to show your current Membership Card or other ID, and sign for your new Card. This is to ensure that the correct person receives it. The card will then be activated at the till by bar staff. The launch date is Saturday 1st December 2012.

Q. How do I use it?
A. When your order drinks at the bar it is important that you Show Your Card First, then your card will be swiped at the till and you will be charged at the lower Membership rate for your drinks.

Q. What else can it do?
A. It is possible for the cards to be used as a Loyalty or Rewards Store card where you gain points for purchases and receive a reward. The Club may well decide to implement such a scheme, but we want give it some time first to get used to using the cards. Let us know whether you think it would be a good idea.

It is also possible to use the card instead of cash. It is not a credit or debit bank card, but it could be loaded at the bar, say for example with £50. The card could then be used at the bar instead of paying by cash, a receipt is provided by the till after every transaction showing a running total of how much money is left on the card. Once again, the club wishes to allow some time before the Committee considers such a scheme. Even if it is decided to go-ahead it would of course be purely optional as to whether you wished to participate or not.

We need your feedback on what you think about these ideas, if people are favourable then the Committee may decide to introduce either one or both in the future.

Q. How long does the card last for?
A. The card will cease to function on 24th June each year unless you renew your membership. When you renew your membership the card will be re-activated for the next membership year. So please Do Not Throw Your Card Away.

Q. Supposing I lose my card?
A. Let the club know immediately if you have lost your card. It can then be de-activated at the till so nobody can use it. The club reserves the right to ask for a small fee of a few pounds to provide a replacement card to cover the costs.



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